Video Upcycling Services

We make videos and then transform them into everything else. It's basically magic. ⚡️😎 #videomagic


A perfect package for brands starting out.
Onboarding includes setup for HubSpot, Wistia, PPC, and a YouTube Channel Intro Video.
  • Keyword Research for Google & YouTube
  • SEO Videos - 6 per Quarter
  • Blogs - 6 per Quarter
  • Pillar Page - 1 per Quarter
  • Blog Email Automation
  • Blog Graphic Design
  • Social Media Posts
  • Testimonials Generation  🙌
  • Adwords Optimization
  • Campaign Reporting

Core + Sales

For brands that want to grow faster.
Everything from Core, plus sales services:
  • Chatbot Implementation - Convert more visitors into leads and generate more sales appointments by leveraging chatbots.
  • Inbound Sales - leadscoring identifies hot leads in your pipeline, then we follow up to generate sales appointments with them. 
  • Outbound Sales - we use sites like LinkedIn, among others, to find you more leads and then we reach out to them individually.
Mark Green, MD

Psych Garden

I'm getting more business now than ever. He's smart and diligent in his work. His people are great, too. I'd highly recommend him!
Ramón Estrada


Derek was a great support for the implementation of inbound marketing and sales strategies for my startup.

How We're Different



All include

  • Dedicate only one hour per week to marketing
  • KPI reports sent to your inbox weekly
  • One point of contact for all of your marketing needs
  • HubSpot fully-managed

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to generate sales?
It depends on your starting point. Are you generating clients from your website now? We expect that most clients will be starting from scratch, in which case it can take anywhere from 90 to 180 days until a new domain gets noticed organically. However, since we are managing paid campaigns, we expect to generate sales even faster.
Do I need to have my own video equipment?
Nope, we got it all and we'll bring it to your office. You don't need to have a formal studio -- we'll turn a room, or small area you designate, into a makeshift studio.  
Wait, you don't make landing pages or eBooks?!
Exactly. Landing pages annoy people and eBooks take a long time to make. On the other hand, if content is ungated and provided as a video, we'll provide a better experience. And to convert leads, we'll use chatbots instead of landing pages.
What do the videos have to do with the blogs?
Mivideo will repurpose the videos we make into numerous formats, including blogs. This repurposing of videos is what we call "video upcycling."
What reporting do you offer?
HubSpot contains lots of reporting. We'll define KPIs together with our clients and then we'll email you the reports.
What if I get stage fright? This sounds hard...
We will make you look awesome! You don't need to worry about the equipment or the lack of filming experience. Our unique workflow will help novices pull this off. However, we do require a positive attitude and that our clients commit 1 hour per week to our system. You have the ideas already -- we're gonna help you get them out!
Do I need to use HubSpot to work with you?
Yes, it will enable us to do our job better, improve collaboration with our clients and be able to present results more clearly.
Do you make websites? Does it have to be hosted with HubSpot?
We don't make websites but we can certainly recommend you to some great designers. And your website does not need to be hosted with HubSpot to work with us.